5MM Magnetic Track

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Why us?

  • Magnetic track lighting: compact profiles with LED modules.

  • Light modules magnetically attach to tracks for easy, tool-free install.

  • Low voltage enables real-time adjustments of light modules.

  • Magnetic connection to the rail powers modules instantly.

  • Light module installation is as simple as a ‘click.’

  • Limitless configurations with various profiles, connections, installations, and light modules.

  • This makes our 5mm magnetic lighting system an all-in-one solution

Kelvin & Watts

5mm Magnetic Track Lights

Our 5mm magnetic lighting system offers an all-in-one solution, combining compact profiles with LED modules for versatile track lighting. The magnetic design allows for effortless, tool-free installation as light modules easily attach to tracks. With low voltage, adjustments to light modules can be made in real-time.

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